Essential Life Skills

Blackpool, as part of the Opportunity Area initiative has received a £1 million share of £22 million Department for Education funding to support activities that help to develop Essential Life Skills (ELS) amongst children and young people aged 5 -18 years old.


The ELS programme will support range of extra-curricular activities that develop non-cognitive abilities, including but not limited to:

• Resilience, perseverance and persistence
• Hard work, self-control, discipline, good time keeping
• Self-confidence, leadership and team working
• Honesty, integrity and engaged citizenship
• Attitude, respect and empathy
• Curiosity and problem solving

All Schools and Colleges in the area have been allocated funding, split over this and the next financial year for activities to take place up to August 2019. Schools and Colleges are required to set out their proposals for their ELS activity. All funded activities must be designed to work within, or in partnership with, schools/colleges in the Blackpool Opportunity Area.


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