OA: Celebrating one year on

Just yesterday the ‘Opportunity Areas: building the foundations for success’ event took place in Parliament.

The event allowed a moment for all to celebrate the impact this programme is having to help more children and young people to achieve their full potential in life.

To mark the occasion two separate reports have been published.

The first of these is an independent evaluation of the implementation phase of the Opportunity Area programme. This found a number of successes in the approach being taken, and identified it is ‘starting to develop a lasting legacy’ of positive collaboration.

The second provides a snapshot of activity happening in each area to transform lives. From boosting access to mental health services in Hastings, increasing provision of extra-curricular activities in Doncaster for children in care and our very own Transition Week case study, showcasing the importance of curriculum focus during the move from primary to secondary school. 

At the event guest speakers thanked those involved for their hard work and commitment over the last twelve months, and attendees heard directly from young people benefitting from initiatives put in place.

Improving social mobility is a complex, intergenerational issue, and nobody involved in this programme thinks that change will come easily, however everyone is surely determined to make a difference.

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