Transition Week continues

High schools across Blackpool are continuing their timetable of activities and introductory lessons for year 6 pupils today.

Over the course of this week, pupils have been taking part in a selection of taster lessons to enable them to familiarise themselves with daily life at their prospective secondary school.

Transition week is designed for all students to get to know their new classmates and explore their new environment. The induction process enables the year 6 pupils to feel confident about the new routines and ready to start their journey at high school.

As secondary schools can be a daunting experience for some, earlier this week we asked a couple of students for their thoughts on the week ahead at Highfield Leadership Academy.

Urooj - Highfield

Urooj, 11, from Revoe Learning Academy, said: “I felt a bit scared when I got up this morning and was nervous as I didn’t know what to expect.

“I feel more relaxed now that I’m here. I am enjoying moving around the classrooms and exploring the school. I am looking forward to making friends this week.”

Levi - Highfield

Levi, 11, from Baines’ Endowed said: “I don’t really feel nervous about the move to high school. I am ready for it.

“There’s a big difference in size from my school to this one so I’m looking forward to finding my way around.

“I am most excited about doing PE and making friends as I’m the only one from my school coming here.”

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