Transition Week success

And that’s a wrap!

After spending the week at different high schools across Blackpool, it was easy to see how much hard work and effort had gone into organising the five days of introductory lessons and activities for year 6 pupils.

From poetry sessions, history lessons and creative arts to circus skills, flame tests and water rockets, the pupils sampled a range of taster activities at their prospective secondary schools.


Initial feedback from both pupils and teachers suggests that the taster week has been a big success.

Pupils enjoyed the opportunity to familiarise themselves with daily life at their new school, make new friends and start to learn their way around the building. After feeling nervous and overwhelmed at the start of the week, many pupils grew in confidence once they had met their teachers and explored their new surroundings.

The well-planned visits, events and activities will help primary school pupils transition confidently to high school. The coordination between the primary and high schools has been key to the smooth running of events this week, ensuring that the year six pupils can prepare for their new milestone.

Well done to everyone involved!

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