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Junior reporters: Transition Week

Murcia Eva


Murcia Eva is a current year 7 pupil; kindly sharing her story, Murcia reflects on her very own Transition Week and how she has found being a pupil at Highfield Leadership Academy since.

Hello. My name is Murcia and I am now in year 7 at Highfield.

When I did my Transition Week last year I was worried about who my learning support assistants were going to be and if they would understand my disability. During that week I met all of the staff who would be working with me when I started in year 7.

I was also worried about making new friends when I got to high school, but I met another pupil from another school called Paige who is now my best friend. I met Paige during Transition Week.

I am in an electric wheelchair as I have cerebral palsy, it kept playing on my mind how I was going to access some of the lessons around school but I found out when I arrived that there are two lifts to take me to any classroom in the school. This made me feel really pleased.

Doing my Transition Week got me ready to start high school, I asked lots of questions about dinner cards, lesson times and how many periods there are in each school day.

I enjoyed everything about Transition Week, especially meeting new people and teachers – especially my tutor Mrs Jones.

As a pupil I am looking forward to starting year 8 in September, my first year has gone so quickly!

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