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UK charity School-Home Support (SHS) employ outreach frontline experts to work with approx. 100 families across Blackpool – increasing their children’s school attendance, attainment, behaviour and ultimately the whole families’ chances in life

After winning a funding bid by the Department for Education Opportunity Area fund, UK charity School-Home Support has placed frontline outreach experts in the Blackpool area. The staff (which consists of seven Family Support Workers, three Parental Engagement Practitioners and one Targeted Support Coordinator) work with approx. 100 families to improve the life chances of disadvantaged children and their families. The children they work with are referred directly from secondary schools when they reach a crisis point where exclusion from mainstream education is a possibility.

SHS is the only charity in England to work holistically with the entire family unit, as they understand that problems beyond the classroom affect a person’s ability to be in school and ready to learn. Current courses being run by the Blackpool branch of SHS include:

  • Anxiety Workshops for parents
  • Managing your child’s behaviour
  • CV writing workshop (past sessions in London have seen several parents gain secure employment)
  •  Money Management

For the young people SHS supports, the Family Support Workers run homework and revision clubs and have organised trips to the local magistrates’ court in order to deter them from a life of crime.

On top of this, SHS has already arranged numerous food bank referrals, sourced washing machines, and arranged a whole new bedroom for one child. The SHS Welfare Fund has also paid for five children to attend boxing sessions at a local gym.

Nicola Williams, Regional Manager at SHS, says:

“We’ve only had positive comments from the schools, who have noticed that the children’s behaviour and attitudes are improving, as well as attendance in most cases.  We have worked with one school to halt an exclusion and are working with that child intensively to get them back on track.”

School-Home Support (SHS) is a national leader in improving the attendance,
attainment, behaviour, and engagement of disadvantaged pupils by working with
the whole family on every issue they face. The charity has been operating for
35 years, starting in East London and now reaching across England. A pupil
working with SHS over two years gains (on average) 46 extra days in school per
year, and will be 18% more likely to achieve 5 A*-C grades at GCSE.


Media enquiries:

Amy Grant, Communications & Marketing
Manager at SHS | Direct line: 020 7426
5008 | Mobile: 07811 998 058


Local enquiries for Blackpool:

Nicola Williams, Regional Family Intervention Manager (North) at SHS | Mobile: 07917 518 972

Contact The Programme Team:

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